Friday, 27 March 2009

Fly Catcher


This idea came from looking at the new Dyson hand dryers. I was interested in this repetitive action and decided to add the sound effect on top, a sound that was close to that of a hand dryer but not exactly accurate so my hands could be transformed into something else.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Second Homebase Shoot

The second time round my friend Rory managed to film me using a tripod so we got some much smoother shots. I want to import some of the audio I got from the first shoot on top of this, there is a banal quality to the 'lift music' that i think adds to the overall absurdity to the piece.

First Shoot at Homebase

My work previously was looking at transforming the inanimate object into something alive and living but in these Homebase videos i wanted to reverse this idea by trying to transform my body into the inanimate pieces of wood. This first shoot was very spur of the moment, with no tripod and not asking permission to film the shots are very shaky and blurred. However there is this sense of urgency that comes across in these sequences which i really quite like. The absurdity of actually believing i can transform my body into a piece of wood makes these films humorous too.

Replanting Argos wardrobes

The Argos Wardrobes are now being replanted back where they belong, beside their 'Mother Tree'.